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Sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation


Maryland “A State of Corruption”


Michael McDermott for helping Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal and launder $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board over a 10 year period of time got himself elected as a  Maryland State Senator.

For Sham investigation, Michael McDermott was first Promoted to Mayor of Pocomoke and then elected  a Maryland State Senator.

McDermott Former Mayor of Pocomoke Known ties to Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Michael McDermott’s motto

“Once a Crook Always a Crook”

(my opinion)

If Anybody can find the $20K & $10K checks Longo & Procter were Embezzling from DSII on these ledger sheets given to McDermott by Longo please let me know

Longo & Procter Embezzle $30K from Donald Stone Industries Inc.

** Copy of Worcester County Bureau of (Sham) Investigation in which Mark Sapperstein denies every calling Charles R. Longo a thief  in our Feb. 22, 1995 telephone conversation.

Noticeably absent from the ledger sheets are the $20K and $10K checks Stone accused Longo & Procter of embezzling from DSII in early Nov. 1993.

Also noticeably absent is any inquiry by McDermott into any of the Sapperstein crime syndicate associates the “Good Old Boys” in Worcester County/Ocean City, Bruce Moore, Hal Glick, Robert Warfield Sr. or their lawyers, Joseph Harrison jr. Regan Smith, Richard Collins at Williams, Hammond, Shlokley Moore & Harrison.

Allegedly Mark Sapperstein has hired a company called Reputation Defenders to

Enhance Mark’s Reputation on the Internet.

Reputation Defenders is trying to convince the public that:

Mark Sapperstein is a Righteous Philanthropist

“You can put Lipstick on a Pig, but It’s Still a Pig”

Like Bob Dylan said ” You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

(Bernie Madoff was a Righteous Philanthropist until he got caught)

Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein are busy stealing millions of dollars, from federal & state taxpayers, Other People’s Money (OPM) & then donating a portion of their stolen monies to charities is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Sapperstein’s to erase the true nature of their character as a couple of Baltimore street hustlers, a father son politically well connected crime syndicate of swindlers & con-men trying to white wash their criminal activities and escalate their social status into a reputable name in the Baltimore & Maryland community.

The Caveat here is that Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein actually do have what appear to be some legitimate businesses, but once they start co-mingling legitimate monies with money obtained through their criminal activities it is all treated as “Dirty Money” same as when all the assets are seized from drug traffickers, even if they have legitimate businesses, it’s called “Money Laundering” .