An Open Letter to All the Tea Party Groups that have Been targeted by the Weaponized Alphabet Agencies; IRS, DOJ, FBI, SEC, etc.


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Ref:  IRS Baltimore Targeting Christine O’Donnell


IRS, FBI, DOJ, SEC, Baltimore, protecting Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein ?

UPDATE   April  2017 

( Archived Document March 25, 1997)

Franklin MD State Police

Correspondence between Stone and Major Stanford Franklin, Maryland State Police and Franklin’s mention of FBI Special Agent, Dave Midura and IRS CID Robin Lord. Again, no mention of Gilbert or Mark Sapperstein even though the Sapperstein’s are joined at the hip with Longo.

UPDATE   April  2017 

(Archived Document March 5, 1999)

Chamberlain IRS

This is a letter from Jane Chamberlain to the IRS in Philadelphia pertaining to the alleged activities of Mark Cary Sapperstein (while Mark & Gilbert are busy stealing the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board) and certain of his associates at Anne Arundel County Economic Corporations. Chamberlain & her husband, George  and their corporation, Linktel were targeted by Mark Sapperstein because the Chamberlain’s had developed a useful technology for the cellular tower business.

The FBI under FOIA recently released about a 40 page file of essentially  only newspaper clippings collected by the two FBI agents, Marina Murphy and Dave Midura that supposedly investigated the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, the Sapperstein’s and their associates.  Noticeably absent from this so-called FBI file are any of the 302 reports FBI agents are required to file of interviews they conducted or telephone numbers, not even redacted 302 reports and no mention of either

UPDATE   March 2017

Mark C. Sapperstein, Maryland/Florida Crime Lord & Washington Cartel celebrating

Trump/Sessions Nomination of Rod Rosenstein, to Deputy U.S. Attorney

Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney for Maryland (one of the Nation’s Most Corrupt U.S. Attorneys Office) has been the “Point Man” for the Sapperstein Crime Syndicate for many years, since James Comey replaced U.S. Attorney for Maryland Thomas Dibiagio with Rod Rosenstein.

A Perfect Example of  Corruption by U.S. Attorney for Maryland and Southern District of Florida, Lying in federal court, to protect the Sapperstein organized crime syndicate.

FL RICO DOJ 2015 Combined redlined motions

While the U.S. Attorney for Maryland & Southern District of Florida are Lying to the court in Florida, the U.S. Attorney for Maryland, Battaglia and her Chief of White Collar Crimes, Dale Kelberman are putting people in federal prison for lying to the court in U.S. vs. Savoy

UPDATE:  March 2017

This is a small sampling of misc. addresses and telephone numbers of the IRS agent; Robin Lord, FBI agent; Dave  Rodden; SEC agent; Debra Siegal that Stone contacted in this long running matter. These are scanned copies of some of Stone’s manila file folders concerning a few of his contacts with the IRS, FBI, and SEC during the time early 1990’s – 2003 that Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein were busy stealing & laundering the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board during the time Sapperstein’s and certain of their associates, such as Charles Richard Longo and others were also under investigation by the IRS, FBI, SEC, DOJ, etc .

                                               IRS FBI SEC Robin Lord Dave Rodden Debra Siegal

                                               FBI Agent Dave Rodden Judge Eschenburg July 24 1997

UPDATE:  March 2017

Cyber attack knockdown Sept. 2016 and 2 hacks 2017 on

* Of Special note this website has operated since about 1999 without suffering any cyber attacks or hacks.  Then after Trump won the nomination for President,  this website in Sept. 2016 was knocked out by a cyber attack (fortunately after about a week I was able to have it restored). Then in early 2017 this website was again hacked on 2 separate occasions, the only damage done was the removal of this document about the FBI, IRS, targeting the Tea Party groups and my derogatory comments and criticism of the FBI Director, James Comey  and his corrupt compromised pack of thieves and my comments about the FBI releasing only about 43 pages of a 284 page file on Charles Richard Longo Sr. and then the FBI releasing only about 44 pages of newspaper clippings allegedly collected by Maryland FBI agents, Marina Murphy and Dave Midura as part of an extensive so-called FBI investigation targeting Mark Cary Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein and their alleged associates at the Anne Arundel Economic Development Counsel and a loan to Linktel, an entity that was owned by Jane & George Chamberlain (Chamberlain’s and Linktel were targeted by the Sapperstein organized crime syndicate).

As a side note it’s interesting that Trump/Sessions would pick their Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein from one the Nation’s allegedly most corrupt U.S. Attorneys Office, Maryland.

Here’s a list of the articles I believe were deleted in the Sept. 2016 Cyber attack & 2 hacks in early 2017 on 

(These are the restored documents as close to original as I could make them)

This is letter from Stone to FBI Director James Comey




Mark Sapperstein Chamberlain Snippets West Shore Purchase

FBI Anne Arundel Economic Council Combined Annotations

Walls Come Tumbling Down


Sapperstein schemes annotations

sapperstein indicted

(minor document couldn’t recover)

An Open Letter to All the Tea Party Groups that have Been targeted by the Weaponized Alphabet Agencies; IRS, DOJ, FBI, SEC, etc.

Ref: IRS Baltimore Targeting Christine O’Donnell


IRS Baltimore, protecting Mark C. Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein ?

I don’t know if this will be of any use to you in your litigation against the IRS, but I thought I would at least make you aware of the info.

My name is Donald Stone and I’m doing research for a series of books on The Operation of Transnational and/or Organized Crime Syndicates “Under Color of Law” in the USA. The books describe how the violent and/or non-violent versions of Whitey Bulger and Rifleman Flemmi, politically well connected organized crime syndicates, prosper and expand under political protection and patronage at the federal, state, and local levels, across state and international borders, with impunity, protection paid for with an unlimited supply of U.S. federal/state tax dollars.

In stark contrast to the IRS Baltimore targeting Christine O’Donnell look at the IRS Baltimore’s allegedly preferential treatment given to the politically well connected alleged Maryland/ Florida organized crime syndicate bosses, Mark C. Sapperstein (son) and Gilbert Sapperstein (father).

The Sapperstein’s are the alleged Maryland/Florida, non-violent version of Whitey Bulger and Rifleman Flemmi, but far more politically well connected than Bulger/Flemmi.

IRS Baltimore CID agent, Robin Lord was provided with numerous bits and pieces of information (during mid to late 1990‘s) on what I personally knew about Mark Sapperstein, Gilbert Sapperstein, and their associates criminal activities spanning the early to late 1990’s. The Sapperstein’s are known to have personal/political ties to the former MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr. and the current MD. AG. Douglas Gansler.

Pattern & History

While Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein are busy stealing & laundering $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board between 1991 – 2003. Between 1993 – 1999, at various times, the Sapperstein’s and associates were under investigation by the Baltimore IRS, FBI, and DOJ and the FBI in Florida, none of these agencies could find any wrongdoing.

In 2003 Gilbert Sapperstein was arrested for stealing $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board. In 2005 Gilbert Sapperstein was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in Maryland State Prison. Taken into custody by the State of Maryland , Sapperstein mysteriously disappeared for approx. 30 days and then magically reappeared at his personal resident and spent the balance of his 18 month sentence unrestricted at his personal residence.

In 1998, in Stone vs. Warfield Sr. I personally caught the US Attorney for Maryland, Lynne Battaglia and her Chief of White Collar Crimes, Dale Kelberman and other DOJ lawyers lying in a federal court in the Southern District of Florida, trying to whitewash my lawsuit against the Sapperstein’s and others as a “business dispute” or “civil matter” even though the USDOJ controlled internal DOJ documents alleging multiple federal felony offenses involving the Sapperstein’s and associates.

FBI Baltimore in late 1998, early 1999 the launched an extensive and lengthy investigation into the criminal activities of Mark C. and Gilbert Sapperstein. The two FBI agents in Annapolis, FBI SAIC, Dave Midura and FBI SA, Marina Murphy were in charge of investigating the Sapperstein’s. Agent Murphy allegedly told Jane Chamberlain (another victim of the Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate), that the FBI couldn’t find anyone to prosecute the Sapperstein’s. Obviously, the US Attorney for Maryland, Lynne Battaglia wasn’t interested in prosecuting the Sapperstein’s, who were known to be the personal friends and/or political cronies of Battaglia’s old boss, Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran Jr.

If you are interested in pursuing this line of inquiry concerning the Baltimore IRS targeting of Christine O’Donnell vs Baltimore IRS/DOJ/FBI/SEC preferential treatment of the Sapperstein’s I would suggest this very small sampling of documentary evidence to start with:

1. IRS Baltimore investigation into Mark C. Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein and associates by IRS CID agent, Robin Lord and info. provided by Donald Stone to IRS Baltimore.

2. FBI Baltimore investigation into Mark C. Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein by FBI SAIC, Dave Midura and FBI SA, *Marina Murphy, Annapolis, MD. (The Sapperstein’s were stealing the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board early 1990’s – 2003, while under investigation by the Maryland IRS, DOJ and FBI and the FBI in Florida) . * FBI Special Agent Marina Murphy was also the target of a Senate investigation pertaining to certain issues surrounding the death of Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Luna.

3. FBI investigation into Pinnacle Towers, Sarasota Fl. bankruptcy. Pinnacle Towers launched a $325 million IPO during 1997 as part of the Pinnacle Towers IPO, Mark C. Sapperstein (personally) was paid approx. $9 million. In 2015 concerning a FOIA request I filed with the FBI concerning Pinnacle Towers, I was informed by the FBI that there was no FBI investigation into Pinnacle Towers. I do have a copy of the payment that was made directly to Mark Sapperstein.

4. The Abell Foundation Report Jan. 2006, “Underground Video Gambling Industry

Costing Maryland More Than $15 million Annually In Uncollected Taxes”

5. USDOJ Baltimore Attorney filings in Stone vs. Warfield Sr. Southern District of Florida.

6. A Google search on Mark C. Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein, City Paper, Baltimore.

7. USDOJ Baltimore, “Declination to Prosecute” either Mark or Gilbert Sapperstein that was generated by the US Attorney for Maryland, Lynne Battaglia or her Chief of White Collar Crimes, Dale Kelberman that may have been given to the Baltimore FBI pertaining to their extensive investigation into the Sapperstein’s.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 772 834 6175 or

My sincere thanks to you and your associates for taking the fight to the enemies of the US Constitution and Rule of Law and the evil doers that are trying to destroy this great nation.

Best Regards,

Donald Stone

Donald Stone Technology

871 NE Dixie Hwy. Ste. 8

Jensen Beach, FL. 34957

(772) 834-6175


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