Gilbert Sapperstein, Top Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate figure & his associate William F. Howard


Maryland “A State of Corruption”
SUNY  William F. Howard (Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate Associate) Reassigned to become the senior vice chancellor for legal compliance and strategic alliances. He will deal with governance and oversight issues with colleges and community colleges and the Research Foundation of the State University of New York, according to a SUNY official. 
Howard’s former job was the SUNY general counsel, one of the top-paying public law jobs in Albany.
Howard’s salary was $250K a year.
Howard was Former Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Counsel to the School of Medicine Washington University, St. Louis MO.

(Obviously Howard duped Washington University, just as Howard had duped Stone on behalf of Gilbert, Mark Sapperstein & Longo et al  into believing that he was a man of ethics & integrity)

                                                                                            (William F. Howard’s participation in these numerous fraudulent schemes is commonly known as “In for a Penny in for a Pound”)

The below photos are of “Mobbed Up” William F. Howard and his Organized Crime Syndicate associate, Gilbert Sapperstein

Sapperstein Gilbert photo handcuffsBill Howard photo

DISCLAIMER: There is no indication, inference, or innuendo that Washington University, St. Louis had any knowledge of William F. Howard’s criminal activities prior to hiring Howard or during Howard’s employment at Washington University.  Stone does find it interesting that prestigious universities in the USA seem to have become havens for people like Howard that engage in criminal misconduct with impunity.  Obviously Howard wouldn’t have touted his prior criminal activities on his resume when he applied for the job at Washington University, St. Louis.   Even before you get to the serious criminal misconduct of William F. Howard, his duties, obligations, responsibilities, moral and ethical issues as an attorney are clearly defined by whichever Missouri Bar Association and/or Maryland Bar Association, Howard is a member of past or present, and that Howard is required to report criminal misconduct involving other lawyers, MD. Bar there is no statute of limitations, etc. Howard as an attorney & “Officer of the Court” has a sworn duty to protect the sanctity of the Court, not to defraud or defile the court.  How Washington University St. Louis deals with this matter once it is brought to their attention will be a defining moment for  Washington University, St. Louis.  Donald Stone is willing and able to testify under oath, voluntarily or in a court of law about these matters pertaining to William F. Howard and his ties to Charles R. Longo, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein and the numerous schemes involving William F. Howard to defraud Stone.

William F. Howard has knowingly, willfully, and with malicious intent fraudulently concealed his prior criminal activity and his personal involvement with helping to build the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate from Washington University, St. Louis.

This is one of the earliest cases Stone uncovered of the numerous fraudulent schemes of MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr. (Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein’s close personal friend & political crony) acting in concert with his  Md. Assistant AG. William F. Howard to fraudulently conceal documents from Stone and simultaneously help Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & launder $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board between 

Irrefutable Evidence that William F. Howard falsified his affidavit on behalf of Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein (Good buddies with Curran, Howards boss)

Wiiliam F. Howard MD. caught lying  involved in helping Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & launder $3.5 million from Baltimore School Board

Affidavit Falsified By William F. Howard

Combined Howard Falsified Affidavit- Kelberman Howard meeting.pdf

In this affidavit Howard is trying to smear,vilify, & ridicule and white-wash the criminal activities of Longo et al by claiming Stone is involved in a business dispute with Longo

when in fact Howard had personal knowledge of Longo’s numerous criminal activities and those targeting Donald Stone and Stone’s valuable patents and intellectual property.

Other Fraudulent Schemes William F. Howard Helped to Accomplish by falsifying this Affidavit ?

(William F. Howard’s participation in this numerous fraudulent schemes is commonly known as “In for a Penny in for a Pound”)

  • Falsifying this affidavit would help Longo, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein et al steal Stone’s valuable patents & intellectual property in this sham lawsuit against Stone. Howard did this on behalf of his boss, MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr. and for Curran’s good friends, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein, politically well connected, Top Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate family.

                     Howard Personally Involved in Helping Longo & Sappersteins Steal & Destroy Stone’s Patents

  • Because of Howard’s criminal misconduct in falsifying this affidavit in this sham lawsuit, Stone was forced to assign his patents and          intellectual property over to the control of Longo, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein et al, who then proceeded to destroy the patents by refusing to pay the approx. $600 maintenance fees, because they had enveloped in criminal activities and obtained the patents with so many fraudulent schemes they could never license the technology without a licensee contacting the inventor Stone and discovering their criminal misconduct used in obtaining Stone’s patents and intellectual property.

          Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Steal & Launder $3.5 million from Baltimore School Board 1991-2003

  • Howard, by engaging in fraudulent concealment of these documents from Stone pertaining to Longo’s criminal activities would simultaneously, help to conceal the $3.5 million Baltimore School Board theft & money laundering fraud scheme Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein were involved in between 1991-2003.  As a result of Gilbert Sapperstein’s arrest in 2003 Stone believes that the $45K that Gilbert Sapperstein invested into Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) (via his son, Mark Sapperstein), was part of the $3.5 million Sapperstein stole from the Baltimore School Board.

                                                                              Longo & Procter Embezzle $30K from DSII

  • Howard by befriending his arch enemy Longo and knowingly, with malicious intent, filing this falsified affidavit primarily on behalf of Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein in the sham lawsuit would also help to conceal the $30K that Longo & Procter had embezzled from DSII on or about Oct. 1993.   (Of special note in the bankruptcy tapes Howard is asking Longo if Stone Industries (DSII) ever invested money into Shippers Choice Inc., Longo refuses to answer Howard, but the Trustee asks Longo the same question & Longo’s reply is “No” (Tape @ 53:30 Jan. 17, 1995). In late 1995 Longo in the sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation in which Stone accuses Longo & Procter of embezzling $30K from DSII Longo falsely claims that the $30K he and Procter embezzled from DSII was an investment by DSII into Shippers Choice Inc. We know this is a lie because sometime approx. late summer 1994 & early 1995 Longo’s crime syndicate associates discovered that Longo & Procter had embezzled the $30K from DSII)  Sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation

  • Howard, by engaging in these criminal activities on behalf of his boss MD. AG Joseph Curran Jr. and Curran’s close personal friends, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein would ensure that MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr. would always give Howard glowing reviews and open doors personally for Howard for any job Howard chose to pursue in the public or private sector.

These Shippers Choice Bankruptcy 341 meeting tapes provide more irrefutable evidence that Howard knowingly, willfully & with malicious intent falsified the affidavit on behalf of Longo, Gilbert and Mark Sapperstein’s et al to help defraud Stone.

A few examples of Longo’s fraud schemes under oath in these tapes

  • Longo is fraudulently claiming he is acting only as a CONSULTANT to Stone Industries while he is actually fraudulently concealing the fact that he is the President of Stone Industries.

  • Longo is also initially concealing approx. $1.35 million in fraudulent student loans he sold through Shippers Choice Inc. eventually disclosing this info. in the Feb. 13, 1995 341 meeting.

  • Longo was also claiming that there was an escrow account on these loans that was treble the amount of the outstanding loans to make the investors whole in the event of student default (No Escrow account existed)

  • Most important Longo is telling the Trustee that Stone Industries never invested money into Shippers Choice Inc. then months later Longo would claim that the $30K he & Procter embezzled from Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) in late 1993 was money that DSII had invested into Shippers Choice Sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation(The $20K & $10K check Longo & Procter embezzled are not even listed on the ledger sheet)

These are the actual Federal Bankruptcy tapes from Jan. & Feb. 1995 Longo’s Shippers Choice Inc. Bankruptcy approx. 4 months prior to Howard knowingly, willfully, and with malicious intent filing the falsified affidavit to fraudulently conceal his personal knowledge & the internal documents of his Sept. 1994 meeting discussing the numerous criminal activities involving Charles R. Longo & Bruff Procter

These 2 tapes involve William F. Howard asking Longo about Stone Industries (Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) and also the clearly indicate the hostility between Howard & Longo until Howard falsifies the affidavit with the Worcester County Circuit Court to help Longo & Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein et al steal Stone’s valuable patents & intellectual property

                                     Jan. 17, 1995 Longo’s Shippers Choice Bankruptcy William F. Howard Present

To Listen to the audio tapes

   Feb. 13, 1995 Longo’s Shippers Choice Bankruptcy William F. Howard Present

To Listen to the audio tapes


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