Ocean City Corruption


Ocean City Corruption

The Ocean City Con-men and swindlers that helped Longo steal and launder $12 million of U.S. Dept. of Education Student Loan Money And Gilbert and Mark Sapperstein steal & launder $3.5 million from Baltimore School Board.

This is a short list of Ocean City residents that specialize in stealing and laundering money, thru their courts, law firms, and businesses.

Known Associates of Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein & Charles R. Longo Sr.

Ocean City Judges, Groton & Eschenburg  tied to $12 million Federal Bankruptcy Fraud scheme and $3.5 million Baltimore School Board fraud scheme.

A sampling of the various fraud schemes Groton & Eschenburg were running thru Worcester County Circuit Court.

The Ocean City Sapperstein and  Longo Go-To Judges that specialize in Bankruptcy fraud and money laundering for organized crime and white collar criminals.

Tommie Groton– notoriously corrupt Ocean City judges
Teddy Eschenburgnotoriously corrupt Ocean City judges

Ocean City Lawyers and law firm tied to $12 Million Federal Bankruptcy Fraud Scheme and $3.5 Baltimore School Board Fraud Scheme (Sapperstein’s)

Williams, Hammond Shockley Moore & Harrison 
(Ocean City’s, You Steal It and We Launder It, law firm)
Joseph Harrison Jr. (Anybody know if Harrison is the product of Eastern Shore inbreeding) ?
Regan Smith – Known associates of Sapperstein’s  and Longo
Richard Collins – Known associates of Sapperstein and Longo


Moore, Warfield, & Glick   Realtors 
(Ocean City’s You Steal It We Launder it Realtors)
The Sapperstein & Longo Go-To Realtors in Ocean City that specialize in federal bankruptcy fraud schemes & money laundering.
Christine “Cook the Books” Ward (accountant for MOORE, Warfield, and Glick).
becomes Christine Glick marries Ocean City, Jewish Mafia, Godfather, Hal P. Glick (former President of Temple Bat Yam).
Bruce A. Moore – Con-man swindler extraordinaire
Hal P. Glick – Con-man swindler extraordinaire
Robert Warfield – Con-man swindler extraordinaire


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