America’s Cry Baby Mobster’s Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Mark Sapperstein, Organized Crime Syndicate Kingpin, Mob Boss in Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C. & USA

See the PDF : MD AG Straughn 3rd threat letter

Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein, Mob Boss’s whining and crying to their Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate mouthpiece at the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, MD. AG. Douglas (Nifong) Gansler, Philip Ziperman, and Kathern Straughn about how “unfair that Donald Stone, Florida inventor is allowed to identify Mark Sapperstein and Gilbert Sappertsein as Organized Crime Syndicate Bosses in Maryland, Florida and Washington D.C.

Donald Stone, Florida Inventor offers olive branch to America’s Crybaby Mob Boss, Mark Sapperstein, Organized Crime Syndicate Kingpin in Maryland Florida, and Washington D.C.

Florida inventor, Donald Stone offers to buy “America’s Crybaby Mobsters” Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein organized crime syndicate kingpins some “Crackers and Cheese to go with Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein’s “FINE WHINE”

Karen Straughan Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate Mouth piece at the Maryland Attorney General’s Office offers to act as a Mediator on Mark Sapperstein’s behalf !!!!

Karen Straughn and Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler win the “Epitomy of Corruption and Stupidity Award”

for masquerading as a mediator on behalf of Mob Boss Mark Sapperstein and the Sapperstein family organized crime syndicate.

Obviously Gansler and Karen Straughn are unable to read or comprehend the English language above a 1st or 2nd grade level.

Gansler and Straughn fail to comprehend the definition of Mediator a fair and impartial 3rd party.

After all the Maryland Attorney General’s office has been whoring for the Mark and Gilbert Sapperstein Organized Crime syndicate for almost 20 years

This is the audio of the Mark Sapperstein/Edward Ko Crime syndicate extortion scheme targeting Donald Stone, inventor and Florida resident

Edward Ko of Systems & Software, Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate Associate initiates 4th Extortion scheme targeting Florida Inventor and small business owner.

Listen to recording of Edward Ko initiating Mark Sapperstein crime syndicate extortion scheme hear in which Ko induces Stone to believe that Mobster Mark Sapperstein is interested in purchasing Stone’s website “

This is one of the earlier Schemes by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office under Joseph Curran Jr. and MD. Assistant Attorney General, William F. Howard to defraud Stone and help Curran’s personal friends Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & destroy inventor Donald Stone’s valuable patents and intellectual property, even though Stone had repeatedly gone to the MD. AG’s Office beginning in late 1993 seeking help in stopping Longo’s numerous fraudulent schemes targeting Stone.


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