FL. RICO Catches 6 Top US Dept. of Justice


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Stone’s FL. RICO Catches 6 Top US Dept. of Justice Attorneys Lying in Court

To Protect Sapperstein’s Organized Crime Syndicate

US DOJ Attorneys caught trying to “white wash the known criminal activities” of Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate and associates Longo, Procter et al as:

“A Civil Matter or Business Dispute”

6 Federal Prosecutors Forced to acknowledge Stone’s

allegations against Defendant’s are valid as defined as “Criminal ” pg. 66/67

(Remember during this time between 1991-2003 Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein are stealing the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board)

Lynne Battaglia US Attorney for Maryland USDOJ

Thomas E. Scott US Attorney Southern District of FL.

Scott (former federal judge Miami touted as possible FBI Director)

Dale Kelberman Chief of White Collar Crimes USDOJ Maryland

George Russell III Assistant US Attorney Maryland

Lori Simpson Attorney USDOJ Bankruptcy Trustee Maryland

Maureen Donlan Assistant US Attorney Southern District of Florida

* Donald Stone plaintiff high school educated without financial or legal resources against 6 DOJ defendants

FL RICO DOJ Combined motions revised.pdf


“Mobbed Up”

Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler, and his

Assistant Attorneys, Philip Ziperman, Karen Straughn


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