Goldman Sachs (Hank Paulson Jr.) underwriter for $325 million Pinnacle Towers IPO paid Florida/Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate Boss, Mark Sapperstein, approx. $9 million in 1997


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Sapperstein’s assets sold to Pinnacle Towers were obtained with a portion of approx.

$3 1/2 million stolen by Sappersteins from Baltimore School Board

Copy of Wire Transfer Made directly to Mark Sapperstein

….Sapperstein $ 9 million documents.pdf archives  Oct. 2002

Letter (cc:d) To Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson Jr. pertaining to approx. $ 9 million dollar payment directly to:

Mark Sapperstein, Top Florida/Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate Boss as part of

                $325 million Pinnacle Tower IPO in Sarasota, FL. April 14, 1999.

..Pinnacle Towers, Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson.pdf

Exhibits not included in this PDF file but available by special request archives April 14, 1999

 Mark Sapperstein, Top Maryland/Florida Organized Crime Syndicate Boss

sued by Stone for

Criminal Contempt of Court for falsifying Affidavit in FL/RICO about

$9 million payment made to Sapperstein by Pinnacle Towers, (Sarasota Florida) $325 million IPO underwritten by Goldman Sachs

Federal Court Motion

w/o Exhibits

.Sapperstein Goldman Sachs Pinnacle motion no exhibits.pdf

(17 page PDF) archives Jan. 24, 2001


..Sapperstein  Goldman Sachs Pinnacle Contempt Exhibits.pdf

(approx. 135 page PDF) archives Jan. 24, 2001

More Allegations of Criminal Misconduct and racketeering involving Goldman Sachs, Sapperstein, IPO’s etc.

Stone’s unsuccessful efforts to become a “Party of Interest” in Pinnacle Towers Bankruptcy

Remember this was filed on or about Oct. 8, 2002 in federal bankruptcy court in New York

approx. 3 years before 2005 when it was discovered that Mark Sapperstein & his father, Gilbert Sapperstein

had been stealing $3 1/2 million from the Baltimore School Board beginning in the early 1990’s up until 2005

a portion of this $3 1/2 million dollars was used to buy the assets sold to Pinnacle Towers.

Complete Motion PDF

Without Exhibits







* Case No. 02-12483- brl

Movant * Chapter 11

Donald Stone, pro se * Burton R. Lifland , JUDGE

Tel. (772) 334-7182 *


* * * * * * * * * * *

Donald D. Stone, a party of interest in the Pinnacle bankruptcy moves this court to initiate federal criminal indictments proceedings against Mark C. Sapperstein, Pinnacle, Pinnacle’s legal counsel, Holland & Knight, their former top attorney William McBride, Raymond James, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Goldman Sachs, and Salomon Smith Barney for the approx. $8.3 million payment made to Mark C. Sapperstein (personally) by Pinnacle for certain entities, 28 Walker Associates, Shore Communications, and West Shore Communications owned, controlled, or obtained by Mark C. Sapperstein through alleged violations of the RICO Statute USC 18 Sec 1962 (a)(b)(c)(d) as defined in USC 18 Sec. 1961 that were bundled into the Pinnacle Towers IPO, Prospectus, February 19,1999

Certain of the assets purchased by Pinnacle Towers from Mark C. Sapperstein are alleged to have been obtained through racketeering activities, such as alleged bribery of government officials and extortion, in violation of the federal

RICO Statute 18 USC Section 1962. Prohibited activities:

(a) It is alleged that certain of the entities acquired, controlled and/or owned by the principal, Mark C.

Sapperstein, Shore Communications, West Shore Communications and 28 Walker Associates that

were sold to Pinnacle were obtained by Mark C. Sapperstein and others known and unknown with

income derived directly or indirectly from a pattern of racketeering activity that effects interstate

commerce in Maryland and Florida.

(b) These assets Shore Communications, West Shore Communications, and 28 Walker Associates

owned or controlled by Mark C. Sapperstein were obtained through a pattern of racketeering

activities affecting interstate commerce in Florida and Maryland.

(c) That Mark C. Sapperstein and others known and unknown did participate in the conduct of the

enterprises affairs, West Shore Communications, Shore Communications, and 28 Walker

Associates through a pattern of racketeering activity.

(d) That Mark C. Sapperstein, Pinnacle Towers, certain of the Pinnacle Towers officers, Holland &

Knight, their top attorney, William McBride, Raymond James, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Smith

Soloman & Barney, Goldman Sachs and others known and unknown did conspire to violate certain

provisions of subsection (a),(b), or (c) of this section.

That Mark C. Sapperstein, his father, Gilbert Sapperstein and others, known and unknown did operate numerous criminal enterprises over a period of approximately eleven (11) years from 1991 to 2002 and did engage in racketeering activities as defined in 18 USC Sec. 1961 (1) (B)(D)for alleged violations of the following criminal statutes under title 18 United States Code Sections 201 through 2315 (as listed below).

18 USC Sec. 1961

As used in this chapter – ”racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a control substance or listed chemical (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act), which is chargeable under State law and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; (B) any act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code: Section 201 (relating to bribery), section 1341 (relating to mail fraud), section 1343 (relating to wire fraud), section 1344 (relating to financial institution fraud), section 1503 (relating to obstruction of justice), section 1510 (relating to obstruction of criminal investigations) section 1511 (relating to the obstruction of State or local law enforcement) section 1512 (relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1513 (relating to retaliating against a witness, victim or an informant), section 1951 (relating to interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion), section 1952 (relating to racketeering section 1956 (relating to the laundering of monetary instruments), section 1957 (relating to engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity), sections 2314 and 2315 (relating to interstate transportation of stolen property) (D) any offense involving fraud connected with a case under title 11 (except a case under section 157 of this title), Additionally, Mark Sapperstein and/or his associates known or unknown made alleged death threats against Jane and George Chamberlain when Chamberlain’s were publicly exposing Sapperstein’s fraudulent schemes targeting the Chamberlain’s Linktel Communications technology. Stone’s standing as a party of interest in the Pinnacle Towers bankruptcy Donald D. Stone, pro se is a party of interest in the Pinnacle Towers bankruptcy and upon thorough review of the $8,341,300.oo payment made on or about December 1997 by Pinnacle Towers Inc. to a Mark C. Sapperstein (personally) for certain assets bundled into Pinnacle’s $325 million IPO and refer this matter to the SEC for prosecution for alleged violations of the federal RICO statute and alleged fraud, and moves this court to avoid any Pinnacle Tower contracts or payments to Bank of America for alleged conflict of interest.  Sapperstein Parole Violations23 page PDF file*Ref: Gilbert Sapperstein Ongoing Parole Violations* *State of Maryland v. Gilbert Sapperstein* *Case # 105077010 & 11* Stone ask MD. Parole Board to incarcerate Gilbert Sapperstein, “Godfather of Maryland’s Jewish Mafia” for ongoing parole violations. Special Privileges for Special Friends of MD. Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr. & MD. Top Organized Crime Syndicate Gilbert Sapperstein, walks out of MD. State Prison after serving only 28 days of an 18 month sentence. Gilbert Sappersterin continues to operate his crime syndicate from the comfort of his own home while violating his parole, finalizing the handing over of the day to day operations of his organized crime syndicate to his hand groomed, heir apparent, son, Mark Sapperstein, the new “Godfather of Maryland’s Jewish Mafia”.     A 12 year privately financed corruption investigation by inventor Donald Stone into the Maryland/Florida Democratic political crime cartel, their known ties to organized crime, focusing on the unprecedented extensive fraud, corruption and racketeering by:U.S. Attorneys Office for Maryland (Baltimore) & Florida (Miami)U. S. Attorney  for Maryland, Lynn BattagliaChief of White Collar Crimes Maryland Dale Kelberman (U.S. DOJ)Maryland Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr. Karen Moore, United States Bankruptcy Trustee Program (Maryland),Maryland State Police, David B. Mitchell,Maryland State JudiciaryMaryland/Florida law enforcement agencies and their known ties to organized crime in Maryland and Florida.Gilbert Sapperstein Indicted *
“Godfather “

of Maryland’s Jewish Mafia

Charged with $3 million theft in scheme to steal millions from Baltimore School Systems*

Sapperstein also charged with stealing $130,000

from Baltimore City Dept. in alleged bribery scheme from ’91 to ’03.

Current News articles about Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein
Sapperstein Plea May 2005!

Hot Contracts   Jan. 26, 2005
Sapperstein indictment article   March 19,2005
Media comment on Sapperstein Indictment March 23, 2005
Walls Come Tumbling Down June 7, 2000

Gilbert Sapperstein the Godfather of Maryland’s Jewish Mafia and his son Mark Sapperstein, are the two most powerful, politically well connected organized crime syndicate figures in Maryland & Florida.

Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein’s crime syndicate power flows directly from his close personal ties to Maryland Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr.

* The Maryland State Prosecutor is conducting the investigation and bringing the indictments against Gilbert Sapperstein

read the MD. State Prosecutors report June 18, 1997, concerning son Mark Sapperstein and his cronies Jay Winer and Charles Delevan

in an alleged scheme using the Anne Arundel Economic Development Council to steal Jane & George Chamberlain (Linktel)

potentially valuable business (this is a variation of the scheme used by the Sapperstein’s to steal Stone’s valuable patent & intellectual property)


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