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This website is about political corruption and racketeering by the notoriously corrupt FBI and Dept. of Justice, conspiring with certain politically well-connected organized crime syndicates in Maryland, D.C., Florida, and Virginia. From DOJ, Reno to Rosenstein, and FBI from Freeh to Wray. Peeling back the layers and layers of public corruption is like the layers of a rotten onion, peel one layer off and it exposes another, and then another, etc., etc. and exposing the fraud schemes DOJ/FBI used to help Charles R. Longo steal and launder $12 million of U.S. Dept. of Education student loan money and victimize 2000 individuals while simultaneously helping Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal and lauder $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board from early 1990’s – 2003.

A true story about Donald Stone, the inventor of a potentially valuable patent and technology which had piqued the interest of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and the largest mfg. of golf grips in the world. Stone’s company, Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII.) was targeted and infiltrated by two separate organized crime syndicates, one led by the two politically well-connected Baltimore street hustlers, Maryland, “Cry Baby” Jewish mobsters, Gilbert (father) and Mark Sapperstein (son) and their associate, Charles R. Longo Sr. that (unknown to Stone) were operating under the protection and patronage of the notoriously corrupt FBI and Dept. of Justice lawyers in Maryland, D.C., VA., and Florida. The Sapperstein’s were simultaneously busy stealing and laundering $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board from early 1993 till 2003 and Longo was busy stealing and laundering approx.. $12 million in U.S. Dept. of Education student loans, with an estimated 2000 victims in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Both Longo and Sapperstein’s moved seamlessly from one fraudulent scheme (federal felony offenses) to the next with impunity from prosecution at the federal, state, and local levels in Maryland, Florida, D.C., and Virginia. Sapperstein’s, Longo, FBI, and DOJ engaged in a multitude of federal felony offenses, best described as racketeering under the federal RICO statute:


The story begins in Oct. of 1993 when Longo, Sapperstein’s and others seize control of (DSII) and continues to this day. Stone launches an investigation, that eventually becomes a quest, into his former business associates, first discovering their criminal activities they were running behind his back and then his efforts to expose their criminal activities and bring them to justice, against the wishes of DOJ/FBI. Many of the documents of Stone’s quest over a 27 year period are posted on this website.

Many of the nefarious fraudulent schemes that the FBI and DOJ used to protect the Sapperstein’s and Longo that clearly implicate the notoriously corrupt and compromised FBI and DOJ lawyers in Maryland, Florida, D.C. and, Virginia can be found in this website and their schemes to perpetrate a fraud on the U.S. taxpayer. This site covers the transition of the DOJ/FBI from the two most powerful law enforcement agencies on earth as they devolve into third world countries, criminal enterprises under RICO beginning in 1993 from Reno to Rosenstein and at FBI Freeh to Wray. Reno to Rosenstein, stacking lies on top of lies to cover layers and layers of criminal activity they used to protect Sapperstein’s and Longo, and associates from federal, state, and local prosecutions, in MD. D.C., FL., and VA.

The FBI/DOJ most common fraud schemes are known as “Fraud on the Courts” federal, state, or local:

Since Hazel-Atlas, a considerable number of courts have had the opportunity to dissect the meaning of “fraud on the court” and several definitions have been attempted. A number of courts have held that a “fraud on the court” occurs “where it can be demonstrated, clearly and convincingly, that a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system’s ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing party’s claim or defense.”174
Fraud on the court is a very high bar. The Tenth Circuit has held that it is fraud “directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents . . . . It is thus fraud where . . . the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted.”175 And “only the most egregious misconduct, such as bribery of a judge or members of a jury, or the fabrication of evidence by a party in which an attorney is implicated, will constitute a fraud on the court.”

About 2015 Stone began filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FBI/DOJ as of 2021 Stone has filed approx. 100 FOIA requests and more specific details and documents can be found in these numerous FOIA appeals which can be found at https://www.muckrock.com/ or GOOGLE Donald Stone & Muckrock.com