“Mobbed Up” Edward Ko, Systems & Software , Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

“Mobbed Up” Edward Ko, Systems & Software , Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Edward Ko, Systems & Software joins Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein’s powerful politically connected organized crime syndicate in Maryland & Florida in Fraudulent Scheme “Extortion Under Color of Law” to shut down Stone’s www.marylandcorruption.com website that publicly exposes Sapperstein’s multitude of criminal activities, fraudulent schemes and crime syndicate associates over the past 18 years.

Edward Ko & Systems & Software proud to be associated with Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate which has been publicly identified as Gilbert Sapperstein having direct financial ties to Black & Latino nationwide drug traffickers in 2008. (And Then There Were Eight, City Paper, Baltimore 10/1/2008)

Mark Sapperstein is in fine form, as a liar, con-man, swindler & cheat is caught

claiming that his purported complaint filed with Md. AG’s office is legitimate.

Mark Sapperstein’s Purported Complaint is a 99% complete fabrication in which Mark Sapperstein is trying to conceal the fact that the $45K Gilbert Sapperstein invested into Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) was actually part of the $3.5 million Gilbert Sapperstein was stealing from the Baltimore School Board.

The only way Mark Sapperstein & Ed Ko could have crammed more lies & misinformation into that purported Complaint is if they had written between the lines, in the margins & on the back

Miles & Stockbridge hires “America’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys”

While legal counsel to House Oversight Committee

To Defend Their 200 Attorney Maryland Law Firm Against Federal Racketeering Charges in Florida & Maryland Brought by Donald Stone, a man with a high school education and no legal or financial resources



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