This is typical of the fraud schemes being run out of the USDOJ in Maryland


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Dale Kelberman USDOJ MD. “Chief of White Color Crimes”, get’s caught lying in federal court proceedings to conceal the criminal activities of Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein et al and Kelberman is rewarded with a lucrative job in the private sector with Sappersteins crime syndicate associates over at Miles & Stockbridge.


Dale Kelberman catches Honda Motor company executive lying in sworn statement, executive goes to prison for 5 months & probation for 2 years (Baltimore Sun April 28,1999)

Mark Sapperstein by using the MD. AG. Gansler’s office to threaten Stone avoids the two things Mark Sapperstein fears most in this world in a legitimate court proceeding:

Depositions & Subpoenas

No messy Subpoena’s or Depositions taken under oath for Mark Sapperstein to deal with.


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