Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Dale Kelberman USDOJ MD. “Chief of White Color Crimes”, get’s caught lying in federal court proceedings to conceal the criminal activities of Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein et al and Kelberman is rewarded with a lucrative job in the private sector with Sappersteins crime syndicate associates over at Miles & Stockbridge.


Dale Kelberman catches Honda Motor company executive lying in sworn statement, executive goes to prison for 5 months & probation for 2 years (Baltimore Sun April 28,1999)

Mark Sapperstein by using the MD. AG. Gansler’s office to threaten Stone avoids the two things Mark Sapperstein fears most in this world in a legitimate court proceeding:

Depositions & Subpoenas

No messy Subpoena’s or Depositions taken under oath for Mark Sapperstein to deal with.


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