Top USDOJ Lawyers from Maryland and Florida caught Lying in Federal Court


Maryland “A State of Corruption”

Top USDOJ Lawyers from Maryland and Florida caught Lying in Federal Court

In 1998 six USDOJ lawyers were caught lying in federal court trying to pull this same fraudulent scheme as Howard. Trying to white wash the “Criminal Activities” of Longo, Sappersteins et al against Stone as “a Civil matter or Business Dispute”. The DOJ lawyers were forced to go back to the court and admit personal knowledge of the Criminal Activities targeting Stone (including William F. Howard’s fraudulent schemes targeting Stone)

FL RICO DOJ Combined motions revised.pdf

$3,650,000 Fraudulent Stock Certificate

given to Stone by Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Associates Charles R. Longo, Bruff J Procter and (Compliments of William F. Howard)

(Obviously the stock certificate has no value because it’s written on a Maryland corp. that didn’t exist at the time)

Will Maryland State Police be arresting Mark Sapperstein & Edward Ko/Systems & Software for filing a false criminal complaint against Donald Stone ?

(Not a snowball’s chance in hell)
Maryland Attorney General’s Office under Curran and now Gansler has a well documented history of publicly smearing, vilifying, falsifying court motions, threatening and/or ridiculing Stone & Stone’s efforts to stop the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate (While Gilbert & Mark steal & launder the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board)


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