"A State of Corruption"

Baltimore "Chicago on the Chesapeake"

One of the Largest Heroin Markets on the Eastern Seaboard

Top Ranking Murder State in the USA

Maryland "A Socialist State Where Everything is Rainbows & Unicorns"

Unknown to the rest of the USA, Maryland seceded from the Union and became one of Obama's 57 States

Politically More Corrupt than Chicago or Illinois, where on occasion, unlike Maryland, they actually convict & incarcerate some of their corrupt high level politicians.

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Last updated April, 20, 2014

Tough as Nails, Texan, Patriot, Catherine Engelbrecht, president of True the Vote, vs. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)

Engelbrecht, president of the conservative organization, True the Vote, were targeted by the IRS, FBI, DOJ. Engelbrecht fights back against Maryland Democrat, Political kingpin Elijah Cummings, Democrat ranking member of House Oversight Committee.

Collusion between Cummings and the IRS targeting Conservative groups

True the Vote President: Cummings Emails 'Tip of an Ugly Iceberg'

Newsmax Friday April 11,2013

The "Money Quotes" from Engelbrecht & True the Vote

"To whatever extent there can be disciplinary action taken, we need to be very serious about taking them, but make no mistake, Elijah Cummings, though very important at this juncture of this discovery in this investigation, is just one of what I believe will be quite an extensive cast of characters that will point to a much vigor, much more orchestrated effort to target and silence private citizens," Engelbrecht said. "He's just one of many."

And From True the Vote Press Release

April 9, 2014

True the Vote Calls Out Rep. Cummings for Role in IRS Targeting Scandal

"No more lies, Mr. Cummings: Tell America the truth."

Houston, TX - April 9, 2014 - Washington is reeling as Rep. Elijah Cummings' (D-MD) true role in the IRS abuse scandal has come to light. Emails released by the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, of which Cummings is the ranking member, show Cummings and his staff communicating with Lois Lerner while the IRS targeted True the Vote for abuse.
"Today's committee action reveals what we knew all along. Partisan politics and the weaponization of government against opponents of this administration is real and continues," said True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht. "Elijah Cummings has blocked the IRS abuse investigation all along. We now see clearly that two branches of government have colluded to target and silence private citizens.
"America has come to a tipping point," Engelbrecht said. "No more lies. No more cover-ups. No more collusion. Enough is enough. Finally, we have a chance for the rule of law to be re-established, thanks to the bold efforts of Chairman Issa and Rep. Jordan."

Engelbrecht added, "We filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Cummings in February. Today we're amending that filing to include this latest revelation. As I have said in my testimony before Congress; I will not retreat, I will not surrender, I will not be intimidated. I will not ask Rep. Cummings, Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, or anyone else, for permission to exercise my constitutional rights."
Click here True the Vote Press Release for a copy of the letter from Chairman Issa and five Subcommittee Chairman to Ranking Member Cummings.
Click hereTrue the Vote Press Release for documents about Cummings'interactions with the IRS about True the Vote.
True the Vote (TTV) a nonpartisan, voters'rights and election integrity organization focused on preserving election integrity and is operated by citizens for citizens, to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please

PLEASE SUPPORT Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote



Maryland Corruption chronicles the rise to power from 1989 to present, of a couple of Baltimore street hustlers, Gilbert Sapperstein & Mark C. Sapperstein (Gilbert's son) as they parlayed their personal and political ties to the MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr., US Attorney Maryland, Lynne Battaglia (formerly head of MD. AG's Criminal Div. under Curran) and now MD. AG. Douglas Gansler into the most powerful politically well connected & protected Transnational Organized Crime syndicate in Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C. and the USA.

This website also chronicles the efforts of Donald Stone, an inventor & small business owner who had his valuable patents and intellectual property stolen by the Mark C. & Gilbert Sapperstein Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate, with the direct help of the USDOJ and the political powerhouse Republican Party law firms, Foley & Lardner (Michael W. Grebe Legal counsel to RNC) and Miles & Stockbridge (Legal counsel to Burton's House Oversight Committee) coupled with an endless number of fraudulent criminal schemes interwoven together over the past 18 years.

US President Obama declares war on the USA & International Crime Lords, Mark C. and Gilbert Sapperstein Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate


Profiling The "Cry Baby" Jewish Crime Lords, Mark C. Sapperstein and Gilbert Sapperstein as a Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate pose a direct threat to USA security and safety.

 The only difference is that Sapperstein's business is video poker card games as opposed to slot machines. Slot machines pay out directly from the machine vs. the video poker card games where there is no direct payout. The payout on the poker card game machine is usually made by the bartender. The money taken in by the video poker games is usually divided between the owner of the machine (Gilbert Sapperstein) and the owner of the bar. Probably it was a condition of buying a liquor license from Gilbert Saperstein that they also install x number of Gilberts video poker games.

These video poker games can be pure cash revenue generators depending on their location. A single machine has the potential of generating as much as $150 to $250 per week (multiply this income by several hundred machines per week) pure unreported cash which the Sapperstein then launder through real estate purchases in various areas of Maryland, Florida and possibly numerous other states. I would also speculate that it was some of this money that was used to buy the cellular tower sites that were then bundled together and sold to Pinnacle Tower for the approx. $9 million


What the Italian Mafia has to say about the Jewish Mafia

(Excerpted from the book  "Vengeance is Mine" by Jimmy Fratianno

(although not written specifically about the politically well connected, powerful "America's Crybaby Mob Bosses" Mark C. & Gilbert Sapperstein Jewish Mafia Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate it fits the Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate perfectly)

(Just GOOGLE Mark Sapperstein)

"They talked about how the Jews from Cleveland had acted as fronts in Las Vegas for Italian mob money and became legitimate millionaires by declaring taxes on their income. The Italians secreted the millions they took from the casino-hotels they owned and had to live like paupers to evade the IRS".

"Dumb fuckin guineas," Jimmy (Fratianno) said. "Those Jews are cunning bastards you know ? They just tell the IRS they made it gambling or by selling some property to a friend, they make fake papers and boom, the fuckin' government doesn't ask any questions."

Sapperstein Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate associates Robert Warfield Sr., Hal P. Glick and Bruce A. Moore in Ocean City, Maryland were owners of  Moore, Warfield & Glick one of the largest Real Estate firms in Ocean City, Worcester County. Additionally, Mark Sapperstein Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate, Bagman & Money Launderer Bruff Procter was allegedly investing both legitimate & money obtained through criminal activities for the Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate in Frederick and Ocean City, Maryland.)

"America's Cry Baby Mobster's" Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein 

Mark Sapperstein, Organized Crime Syndicate Kingpin, Mob Boss in Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C. & USA

MD AG Straughn 3rd threat letter.pdf

Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein, Mob Boss's whining and crying to their Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate mouthpiece at the Maryland Attorney General's Office, MD. AG. Douglas (Nifong) Gansler, Philip Ziperman, and Kathern Straughn about how "unfair that Donald Stone, Florida inventor is allowed to identify Mark Sapperstein and Gilbert Sappertsein as Organized Crime Syndicate Bosses in Maryland, Florida and Washington D.C.

Donald Stone, Florida Inventor offers olive branch to America's Crybaby Mob Boss, Mark Sapperstein, Organized Crime Syndicate Kingpin in Maryland Florida, and Washington D.C.


Florida inventor, Donald Stone offers to buy "America's Crybaby Mobsters" Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein organized crime syndicate kingpins some "Crackers and Cheese to go with Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein's "FINE WHINE"


Karen Straughan Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate Mouth piece at the Maryland Attorney General's Office offers to act as a Mediator on Mark Sapperstein's behalf !!!!


Karen Straughn and Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler win the "Epitomy of Corruption and Stupidity Award"

for masquerading as a mediator on behalf of Mob Boss Mark Sapperstein and the Sapperstein family organized crime syndicate.

Obviously Gansler and Karen Straughn are unable to read or comprehend the English language above a 1st or 2nd grade level.

Gansler and Straughn fail to comprehend the definition of Mediator a fair and impartial 3rd party.

After all the Maryland Attorney General's office has been whoring for the Mark and Gilbert Sapperstein Organized Crime syndicate for almost 20 years


This is the audio of the Mark Sapperstein/Edward Ko Crime syndicate extortion scheme targeting Donald Stone, inventor and Florida resident


Edward Ko of Systems & Software, Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate Associate initiates 4th Extortion scheme targeting Florida Inventor and small business owner.

Listen to recording of Edward Ko initiating Mark Sapperstein crime syndicate extortion scheme hear in which Ko induces Stone to believe that Mobster Mark Sapperstein is interested in purchasing Stone's website "



This is one of the earlier Schemes by the Maryland Attorney General's Office under Joseph Curran Jr. and MD. Assistant Attorney General, William F. Howard to defraud Stone and help Curran's personal friends Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & destroy inventor Donald Stone's valuable patents and intellectual property, even though Stone had repeatedly gone to the MD. AG's Office beginning in late 1993 seeking help in stopping Longo's numerous fraudulent schemes targeting Stone.


Gilbert Sapperstein, Top Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate figure & his associate William F. Howard

William F. Howard is now

Associate Vice Chancellor,

          Chief Counsel to the School of Medicine

             Washington University, St. Louis MO.

(Obviously Howard duped Washington University, just as Howard had duped Stone on behalf of Gilbert, Mark Sapperstein & Longo et al  into believing that he was a man of ethics & integrity)


(William F. Howard's participation in these numerous fraudulent schemes is commonly known as "In for a Penny in for a Pound")


The below photos are of "Mobbed Up" William F. Howard and his Organized Crime Syndicate associate, Gilbert Sapperstein



Gilbert Sapperstein Convicted $3.5 million                                                William F. Howard,

        Baltimore School Board Fraud Scheme                                                Associate Vice Chancellor,

                                                                                                             Chief Counsel to the School of Medicine

                                                                                                                Washington University, St. Louis MO.




William F. Howard currently at Washington University, St. Louis

DISCLAIMER: There is no indication, inference, or innuendo that Washington University, St. Louis (unlike Penn State) had any knowledge of William F. Howard's criminal activities prior to hiring Howard or during Howard's employment at Washington University.  Stone does find it interesting that prestigious universities in the USA seem to have become havens for people like Howard that engage in criminal misconduct with impunity.  Obviously Howard wouldn't have touted his prior criminal activities on his resume when he applied for the job at Washington University, St. Louis.   Even before you get to the serious criminal misconduct of William F. Howard, his duties, obligations, responsibilities, moral and ethical issues as an attorney are clearly defined by whichever Missouri Bar Association and/or Maryland Bar Association, Howard is a member of past or present, and that Howard is required to report criminal misconduct involving other lawyers, MD. Bar there is no statute of limitations, etc. Howard as an attorney & "Officer of the Court" has a sworn duty to protect the sanctity of the Court, not to defraud or defile the court.  How Washington University St. Louis deals with this matter once it is brought to their attention will be a defining moment for  Washington University, St. Louis.  Donald Stone is willing and able to testify under oath, voluntarily or in a court of law about these matters pertaining to William F. Howard and his ties to Charles R. Longo, Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein and the numerous schemes involving William F. Howard to defraud Stone.

William F. Howard has knowingly, willfully, and with malicious intent fraudulently concealed his prior criminal activity and his personal involvement with helping to build the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate from Washington University, St. Louis.

This is one of the earliest cases Stone uncovered of the numerous fraudulent schemes of MD. AG. Joseph Curran Jr. (Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein's close personal friend & political crony) acting in concert with his  Md. Assistant AG. William F. Howard to fraudulently conceal documents from Stone and simultaneously help Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & launder $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board between 

Irrefutable Evidence that William F. Howard falsified his affidavit on behalf of Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein (Good buddies with Curran, Howards boss)

Wiiliam F. Howard MD. caught lying  involved in helping Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein steal & launder $3.5 million from Baltimore School Board


Affidavit Falsified By William F. Howard

..\..\Combined Howard Falsified Affidavit- Kelberman Howard meeting.pdf

In this affidavit Howard is trying to smear,vilify, & ridicule and white-wash the criminal activities of Longo et al by claiming Stone is involved in a business dispute with Longo

when in fact Howard had personal knowledge of Longo's numerous criminal activities and those targeting Donald Stone and Stone's valuable patents and intellectual property.


Other Fraudulent Schemes William F. Howard Helped to Accomplish by falsifying this Affidavit ?

(William F. Howard's participation in this numerous fraudulent schemes is commonly known as "In for a Penny in for a Pound")

                     Howard Personally Involved in Helping Longo & Sappersteins Steal & Destroy Stone's Patents

          Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Steal & Launder $3.5 million from Baltimore School Board 1991-2003

                                                                              Longo & Procter Embezzle $30K from DSII



These Shippers Choice Bankruptcy 341 meeting tapes provide more irrefutable evidence that Howard knowingly, willfully & with malicious intent falsified the affidavit on behalf of Longo, Gilbert and Mark Sapperstein's et al to help defraud Stone.

A few examples of Longo's fraud schemes under oath in these tapes

These are the actual Federal Bankruptcy tapes from Jan. & Feb. 1995 Longo's Shippers Choice Inc. Bankruptcy approx. 4 months prior to Howard knowingly, willfully, and with malicious intent filing the falsified affidavit to fraudulently conceal his personal knowledge & the internal documents of his Sept. 1994 meeting discussing the numerous criminal activities involving Charles R. Longo & Bruff Procter

These 2 tapes involve William F. Howard asking Longo about Stone Industries (Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) and also the clearly indicate the hostility between Howard & Longo until Howard falsifies the affidavit with the Worcester County Circuit Court to help Longo & Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein et al steal Stone's valuable patents & intellectual property


                                     Jan. 17, 1995 Longo's Shippers Choice Bankruptcy William F. Howard Present

                                                                                                        To Listen to the audio tapes


   Feb. 13, 1995 Longo's Shippers Choice Bankruptcy William F. Howard Present

                                                                                                        To Listen to the audio tapes



In 1998 six USDOJ lawyers were caught lying in federal court trying to pull this same fraudulent scheme as Howard. Trying to white wash the "Criminal Activities" of Longo, Sappersteins et al  against Stone as "a Civil matter or Business Dispute".  The DOJ lawyers were forced to go back to the court and admit personal knowledge of the Criminal Activities targeting Stone (including William F. Howard's fraudulent schemes targeting Stone)

FL RICO DOJ Combined motions revised.pdf 



Please Visit George McDermott's

"Another Tireless Fighter Against the Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate & Judicial Corruption in Maryland "

George is Not Related to the Michael McDermott from the Eastern Shore mentioned on this website


Interesting article by Jack Abramoff on the Overwhelming Stench of Corruption in D.C.

This attached article about Abramoff is completely unrelated to anything else posted on this website, to the best of my knowledge Abramoff has no known association with anyone or any of the events described on this website. It's simply an interesting article on how easy it is to bribe and own members of the US Congress, of the worlds most powerful nation.


$3,650,000 Fraudulent Stock Certificate

given to Stone by Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Associates Charles R. Longo, Bruff J Procter and (Compliments of William F. Howard)

(Obviously the stock certificate has no value because it's written on a Maryland corp. that didn't exist at the time)


Will Maryland State Police be arresting Mark Sapperstein & Edward Ko/Systems & Software for filing a false criminal complaint against Donald Stone ?

(Not a snowball's chance in hell)


Maryland Attorney General's Office under Curran and now Gansler has a well documented  history of publicly smearing, vilifying, falsifying court motions, threatening and/or ridiculing Stone & Stone's efforts to stop the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate (While Gilbert & Mark steal & launder the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board)



Mark Sapperstein/Edward Ko/Systems & Software Fraud Scheme

"Extortion Under Color of Law"

"Fraud in the Omission"

 "Fraud in the Concealment"

Textbook Case "Extortion Under Color of Law" of Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate using MD. Attorney Generals Office To Threaten to have Stone Arrested

If he Doesn't Capitulate To Sapperstein's demands

to shut down

Stone Rebuttal to Mark Sapperstein - Ko Fake Complaint.pdf

Obvious things you will notice about Sapperstein & Ko's Fraud Scheme

Stone provides documents & signed affidavit

Mark Sapperstein refuses to sign his bogus criminal complaint

(Basically Mark Sapperstein's unsigned document has no validity)

Edward Ko (who dealt with Stone) doesn't even file a criminal complaint against Stone, signed or unsigned

Maybe Edward Ko/Systems & Software do not want to go to prison for extortion

Unsigned Documents are a trademark of the Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Other Examples of Sapperstein Crime Syndicate Associates refusing to sign documents

Teddy Eschenburg, Worcester County Circuit Court Judge - (Requires MD. Chief Judge Bell intervention on Stone's behalf, forces Eschenburg to sign)

Tommy Groton, Worcester County Circuit Court Judge - (Even after Chief Judge Bell intervenes Groton continues to refuse to sign his own court documents)

Bruff J. Procter - MD. AG Deposition (Procter caught lying under oath in this Deposition)

Charles R. Longo - Refused to sign DSII "Accredited Investor" (AI) forms (eventually Stone would discover that Longo was not an "AI" but in bankruptcy

Gilbert Sapperstein - Refused to sign DSII "Accredited Investor" forms Eventually Stone would discover that allegedly Gilbert was trying to conceal his net worth

Gilbert Sapperstein - Refused to sign Worcester County Circuit Court Documents allegedly Gilbert was trying to conceal his net worth possibly from IRS



Why Doesn't Millionaire Organized Crime Syndicate Mobster, Mark Sapperstein simply sue Donald Stone in a court of law, Sapperstein has unlimited attorneys at his personal disposal in both the Public Sector & Private Sector.

First & Foremost " For Stone, The Truth is an Absolute Defense"

Meaning Sapperstein, would never survive in the public disclosure of the "Truth"

Sapperstein's own & control several hundred lawyers at the MD. AG's office that would love to sue Stone on Sapperstein's behalf.


Miles & Stockbridge approx. 185 attorneys (personally owned & controlled by the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate) only a couple of blocks away from the MD. attorney General's Office in Baltimore.

Miles & Stockbridge has a long, well documented history of running money laundering operations and bankruptcy fraud schemes for both Sappersteins and Longo

After all Mark Sapperstein could certainly afford to hire his "Good Buddy" at Miles & Stockbridge, especially "Super Lawyer" (oxymoron) Dale Kelberman (former USDOJ Chief of White Collar Crimes, Maryland) who personally provided USDOJ protection for the Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate while they were busy stealing & laundering the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board & while simultaneously helping Miles & Stockbridge, Sappersteins,Longo et al steal Stone's valuable patents and intellectual property, (think of this as an earlier MD. USDOJ version of "Fast & Furious" without the guns & murder) Where the USDOJ federal prosecutors like Kelberman & Battaglia are "mobbed up" providing the muscle & protection for the Sapperstein organized crime syndicate.

This is typical of the fraud schemes being run out of the USDOJ in Maryland

Dale Kelberman USDOJ MD. "Chief of White Color Crimes", get's caught lying in federal court proceedings to conceal the criminal activities of Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein et al and Kelberman is rewarded with a lucrative job in the private sector with Sappersteins crime syndicate associates over at Miles & Stockbridge.


Dale Kelberman catches Honda Motor company executive lying in sworn statement, executive goes to prison for 5 months & probation for 2 years (Baltimore Sun April 28,1999)



Mark Sapperstein by using the MD. AG. Gansler's office to threaten Stone avoids the two things Mark Sapperstein fears most in this world in a legitimate court proceeding:

Depositions & Subpoenas

No messy Subpoena's or  Depositions taken under oath for Mark Sapperstein to deal with.




   "Mobbed Up" Edward Ko, Systems & Software , Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Edward Ko, Systems & Software  joins Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein's  powerful politically connected organized crime syndicate in Maryland & Florida in Fraudulent Scheme "Extortion Under Color of  Law" to shut down Stone's website that publicly exposes Sapperstein's multitude of criminal activities, fraudulent schemes and crime syndicate associates over the past 18 years.


Edward Ko & Systems & Software proud to be associated with Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate which has been publicly identified as Gilbert Sapperstein having direct financial ties to Black & Latino nationwide drug traffickers in 2008. (And Then There Were Eight, City Paper, Baltimore 10/1/2008)


Mark Sapperstein is in fine form, as a liar, con-man, swindler & cheat is caught

claiming that his purported complaint filed with Md. AG's office is legitimate.

Mark Sapperstein's Purported Complaint is a 99% complete fabrication in which Mark Sapperstein is trying to conceal the fact that the $45K Gilbert Sapperstein invested into Donald Stone Industries Inc. (DSII) was actually part of the $3.5 million Gilbert Sapperstein was stealing from the Baltimore School Board.

The only way Mark Sapperstein & Ed Ko could have crammed more lies & misinformation into that purported Complaint is if they had written between the lines, in the margins & on the back


Miles & Stockbridge hires "America's Best Criminal Defense Attorneys"

While legal counsel to House Oversight Committee

To Defend Their 200 Attorney Maryland Law Firm Against Federal Racketeering Charges in Florida & Maryland Brought by Donald Stone, a man with a high school education and no legal or financial resources




Stone's FL. RICO Catches 6 Top US Dept. of Justice Attorneys Lying in Court

To Protect Sapperstein's Organized Crime Syndicate

US DOJ Attorneys caught trying to "white wash the known criminal activities" of Sapperstein Organized Crime  Syndicate and associates Longo, Procter et al as:

"A Civil Matter or Business Dispute"

6 Federal Prosecutors Forced to acknowledge Stone's

allegations against Defendant's are valid as defined as "Criminal " pg. 66/67

(Remember during this time between 1991-2003 Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein are stealing the $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board)

Lynne Battaglia    US Attorney for Maryland USDOJ

    Thomas E. Scott    US Attorney Southern District of FL.

Scott (former federal judge Miami touted as possible FBI Director)

                  Dale Kelberman      Chief of White Collar Crimes USDOJ Maryland

                                                  George Russell III    Assistant US Attorney Maryland

                                                      Lori Simpson             Attorney USDOJ Bankruptcy Trustee Maryland

                                                   Maureen Donlan      Assistant US Attorney Southern District of Florida

* Donald Stone plaintiff  high school educated without financial or legal resources against 6 DOJ defendants

FL RICO DOJ Combined motions revised.pdf 



"Mobbed Up"

Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler, and his

Assistant Attorneys, Philip Ziperman, Karen Straughn

Retained By Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate to Defend their "Good Name"

To understand what is going on here Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein are "Good Buddies with Joseph Curran Jr. (Former MD. AG.)

The short answer to this enclosed letter is that I never solicited any money from Mark Sapperstein. I was contacted on April 3, 2011 by Edward Ko (claiming to be acting on behalf of Mark Sapperstein) and Ko asked if I would be interested in selling my single website to Mark Sapperstein. I responded by sending Mr. Ko an email with a price I was asking for my website and requesting more specific information directly from Mark Sapperstein with a letter signed by Mark sapperstein verifying that Mr. Ko was in fact legitimately acting on Mark Sapperstein's behalf.

Sapperstein MD. AG.pdf



Mark Sapperstein, Head of Maryland's Top Organized Crime Syndicate

Interested in Buying Stone's

Listen to the message that Edward Ko left on my cellphone below


On March 28, 2011 Stone was contacted by an Edward Ko claiming that he was calling on behalf of Mark Sapperstein and that Sapperstein was interested in buying Stone's website(s)*

*I only own and control one website, pertaining to Sapperstein's organized crime syndicate.

I was busy during the week and didn't return Ko's call until Friday of that week. Ko was somewhat evasive about responding to my comments about Mark Sapperstein's criminal activities and I also told Ko that I would send him an e-mail over the weekend concerning this matter and that I would need a written letter from Mark Sapperstein clarifying exactly what he wanted. 

Please Note: There are numerous other websites pertaining to Mark Sapperstein's & his associates multitude of criminal activities which I Do Not Own.

If You want to check out any of these other sites just type Mark Sapperstein into Google


Copy of email From Stone to Edward Ko

Sun, April 3, 2011 8:35:07 AM

Re: Please reply with your comments


Donald Stone <> 


Edward Ko <>

Dear Mr. Edward Ko - In reference to your inquiry on behalf of your client, Mr. Mark Sapperstein and his interest in purchasing my website, The domain name and contents are for sale for $2.5 million U.S. dollars.

If Mark is interested I would need a simple "letter of interest" from Mark Sapperstein directly stating that you are acting on his behalf and also clarifying exactly what Mark is interested in purchasing from me. Mark can send the letter to the following address:

Donald Stone

Donald Stone Technology

871 NE Dixie Hwy.

Ste. 8

Jensen Beach, FL. 34957

(772) 834 6175

Once I receive the letter from Mark, personally confirming that you are acting as an intermediary on his behalf in this matter, I would then provide you with more specific terms and conditions pertaining to the sale of this website.

I also have additional intellectual property assets that would be included in the above referenced purchase price for

Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions concerning this matter.

Best Regards,

Donald Stone

*ps: Mark has made overtures such as this many years ago and never followed through. In fact, when Mark was questioned by the Maryland State Police he denied making certain statements to me.  see:  Sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation   (this document was not part of my email to Edward Ko)

From: Edward Ko <>


Sent: Fri, April 1, 2011 11:37:34 AM

Subject: Please reply with your comments

Thanks for your help.


Edward Y Ko | Systems & Software Inc | | 410.750.0121 office | 410.696.4693 direct | | Sign up for our newsletter

*Sham Worcester County Bureau of Investigation

For Sham investigation, Michael McDermott was Promoted to Mayor of Pocomoke

McDermott Former Mayor of Pocomoke Known ties to Sapperstein Organized Crime Syndicate

Michael McDermott's motto

 "Once a Crook Always a Crook"

(my opinion)


If Anybody can find the $20K & $10K checks Longo & Procter were Embezzling from DSII on these ledger sheets given to McDermott by Longo please let me know

Longo & Procter Embezzle $30K from Donald Stone Industries Inc.

** Copy of Worcester County Bureau of (Sham) Investigation in which Mark Sapperstein denies every calling Charles R. Longo a thief in our Feb. 22, 1995 telephone conversation.

Noticeable absent from the ledger sheets are the $20K and $10K checks Stone accused Longo & Procter of embezzling from DSII in early Nov. 1993.

 Also  noticeably absent is any inquiry by McDermott into any of the Sapperstein  crime syndicate associates the "Good Old Boys" in Worcester County/Ocean City, Bruce Moore, Hal Glick, Robert Warfield Sr. or their lawyers, Joseph Harrison jr. Regan Smith, Richard Collins at Williams, Hammond, Shlokley Moore & Harrison.

Allegedly Mark Sapperstein has hired a company called Reputation Defenders to

Enhance Mark's Reputation on the Internet.

Reputation Defenders is trying to convince the public that:

 Mark Sapperstein is a Righteous Philanthropist

"You can put Lipstick on a Pig, but It's Still a Pig"

Like Bob Dylan said " You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"

(Bernie Madoff was a Righteous Philanthropist until he got caught)


Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein are busy stealing millions of dollars, from federal & state taxpayers, Other People's Money (OPM) & then donating a portion of their stolen monies to charities is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Sapperstein's to erase the true nature of their character as a couple of Baltimore street hustlers, a father son politically well connected crime syndicate of swindlers & con-men trying to white wash their criminal activities and escalate their social status into a reputable name in the Baltimore & Maryland community.


The Caveat here is that Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein actually do have what appear to be some legitimate businesses, but once they start co-mingling legitimate monies with money obtained through their criminal activities it is all treated as "Dirty Money" same as when all the assets are seized from drug traffickers, even if they have legitimate businesses, it's called "Money Laundering" .


Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein are the Non-violent Maryland version of the Bulger Brothers out of Massachusett


Maryland FBI agent, Marina Murphy (who personally helped the Sapperstein's steal & launder $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board)

Murphy told another Sapperstein victim, Jane Chamberlain and I quote Murphy "the Sapperstein's are non-violent"

Even though during this time Jane & George Chamberlain were allegedly receiving death threats while trying to publically expose the Sapperstein's, Jay Winer, and Charles Delavan's alleged criminal activities targeting the Chamberlain's Linktel technologies.

In fact the Maryland FBI may be far more corrupt than the Massachusetts FBI and their involvement in protecting the Bulger Brothers.






Goldman Sachs (Hank Paulson Jr.) underwriter for $325 million Pinnacle Towers IPO paid

 Florida/Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate Boss, Mark Sapperstein,

approx. $9 million in 1997

Sapperstein's assets sold to Pinnacle Towers were obtained with a portion of approx.

$3 1/2 million stolen by Sappersteins from Baltimore School Board

Copy of Wire Transfer Made directly to Mark Sapperstein

..\..\Sapperstein $ 9 million documents.pdf archives  Oct. 2002


Letter (cc:d) To Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson Jr. pertaining to approx. $ 9 million dollar payment directly to:

Mark Sapperstein, Top Florida/Maryland Organized Crime Syndicate Boss as part of

                $325 million Pinnacle Tower IPO in Sarasota, FL. April 14, 1999.

..\Pinnacle Towers, Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson.pdf

Exhibits not included in this PDF file but available by special request archives April 14, 1999


 Mark Sapperstein, Top Maryland/Florida Organized Crime Syndicate Boss

sued by Stone for

Criminal Contempt of Court for falsifying Affidavit in FL/RICO about

$9 million payment made to Sapperstein by Pinnacle Towers, (Sarasota Florida) $325 million IPO underwritten by Goldman Sachs


Federal Court Motion

w/o Exhibits

.Sapperstein Goldman Sachs Pinnacle motion no exhibits.pdf

(17 page PDF) archives Jan. 24, 2001



..\Sapperstein  Goldman Sachs Pinnacle Contempt Exhibits.pdf

(approx. 135 page PDF) archives Jan. 24, 2001



More Allegations of Criminal Misconduct and racketeering involving Goldman Sachs, Sapperstein, IPO's etc.

Stone's unsuccessful efforts to become a "Party of Interest" in Pinnacle Towers Bankruptcy

Remember this was filed on or about Oct. 8, 2002 in federal bankruptcy court in New York

approx. 3 years before 2005 when it was discovered that Mark Sapperstein & his father, Gilbert Sapperstein

had been stealing $3 1/2 million from the Baltimore School Board beginning in the early 1990's up until 2005

a portion of this $3 1/2 million dollars was used to buy the assets sold to Pinnacle Towers.


Complete Motion PDF

Without Exhibits









* Case No. 02-12483- brl

Movant * Chapter 11

Donald Stone, pro se * Burton R. Lifland , JUDGE

Tel. (772) 334-7182 *


* * * * * * * * * * *

Donald D. Stone, a party of interest in the Pinnacle bankruptcy moves this court to initiate federal criminal indictments proceedings against Mark C. Sapperstein, Pinnacle, Pinnacle’s legal counsel, Holland & Knight, their former top attorney William McBride, Raymond James, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Goldman Sachs, and Salomon Smith Barney for the approx. $8.3 million payment made to Mark C. Sapperstein (personally) by Pinnacle for certain entities, 28 Walker Associates, Shore Communications, and West Shore Communications owned, controlled, or obtained by Mark C. Sapperstein through alleged violations of the RICO Statute USC 18 Sec 1962 (a)(b)(c)(d) as defined in USC 18 Sec. 1961 that were bundled into the Pinnacle Towers IPO, Prospectus, February 19,1999

Certain of the assets purchased by Pinnacle Towers from Mark C. Sapperstein are alleged to have been obtained through racketeering activities, such as alleged bribery of government officials and extortion, in violation of the federal

RICO Statute 18 USC Section 1962. Prohibited activities:

(a) It is alleged that certain of the entities acquired, controlled and/or owned by the principal, Mark C.

Sapperstein, Shore Communications, West Shore Communications and 28 Walker Associates that

were sold to Pinnacle were obtained by Mark C. Sapperstein and others known and unknown with

income derived directly or indirectly from a pattern of racketeering activity that effects interstate

commerce in Maryland and Florida.

(b) These assets Shore Communications, West Shore Communications, and 28 Walker Associates

owned or controlled by Mark C. Sapperstein were obtained through a pattern of racketeering

activities affecting interstate commerce in Florida and Maryland.

(c) That Mark C. Sapperstein and others known and unknown did participate in the conduct of the

enterprises affairs, West Shore Communications, Shore Communications, and 28 Walker

Associates through a pattern of racketeering activity.

(d) That Mark C. Sapperstein, Pinnacle Towers, certain of the Pinnacle Towers officers, Holland &

Knight, their top attorney, William McBride, Raymond James, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Smith

Soloman & Barney, Goldman Sachs and others known and unknown did conspire to violate certain

provisions of subsection (a),(b), or (c) of this section.

That Mark C. Sapperstein, his father, Gilbert Sapperstein and others, known and unknown did operate numerous criminal enterprises over a period of approximately eleven (11) years from 1991 to 2002 and did engage in racketeering activities as defined in 18 USC Sec. 1961 (1) (B)(D)for alleged violations of the following criminal statutes under title 18 United States Code Sections 201 through 2315 (as listed below).

18 USC Sec. 1961

As used in this chapter -

''racketeering activity'' means (A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling,

arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a control

substance or listed chemical (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act), which

is chargeable under State law and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; (B) any

act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code:

Section 201 (relating to bribery),

section 1341 (relating to mail fraud),

section 1343 (relating to wire fraud),

section 1344 (relating to financial institution fraud),

section 1503 (relating to obstruction of justice),

section 1510 (relating to obstruction of criminal investigations)

section 1511 (relating to the obstruction of State or local law enforcement)

section 1512 (relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant),

section 1513 (relating to retaliating against a witness, victim or an informant),

section 1951 (relating to interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion),

section 1952 (relating to racketeering

section 1956 (relating to the laundering of monetary instruments),

section 1957 (relating to engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified

unlawful activity),

sections 2314 and 2315 (relating to interstate transportation of stolen property)

(D) any offense involving fraud connected with a case under title 11

(except a case under section 157 of this title),

Additionally, Mark Sapperstein and/or his associates known or unknown made alleged death threats against Jane and George Chamberlain when Chamberlain’s were publicly exposing Sapperstein’s fraudulent schemes targeting the Chamberlain’s Linktel Communications technology.

Stone’s standing as a party of interest in the Pinnacle Towers bankruptcy

Donald D. Stone, pro se is a party of interest in the Pinnacle Towers bankruptcy and upon thorough review of the $8,341,300.oo payment made on or about December 1997 by Pinnacle Towers Inc. to a Mark C. Sapperstein (personally) for certain assets bundled into Pinnacle’s $325 million IPO and refer this matter to the SEC for prosecution for alleged violations of the federal RICO statute and alleged fraud, and moves this court to avoid any Pinnacle Tower contracts or payments to Bank of America for alleged conflict of interest.



New! Sapperstein Parole Violations

23 page PDF file

*Ref: Gilbert Sapperstein Ongoing Parole Violations*

*State of Maryland v. Gilbert Sapperstein*

*Case # 105077010 & 11*

Stone ask MD. Parole Board to incarcerate Gilbert Sapperstein, "Godfather of Maryland's Jewish Mafia" for ongoing parole violations.

Special Privileges for Special Friends of MD. Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr. & MD. Top Organized Crime Syndicate

Gilbert Sapperstein, walks out of MD. State Prison after serving only 28 days of an 18 month sentence.

Gilbert Sappersterin continues to operate his crime syndicate from the comfort of his own home while violating his parole, finalizing the handing over of the day to day operations of his organized crime syndicate to his hand groomed, heir apparent, son, Mark Sapperstein, the new "Godfather of Maryland's Jewish Mafia".


 A 12 year privately financed corruption investigation by inventor Donald Stone into the Maryland/Florida Democratic political crime cartel, their known ties to organized crime, focusing on the unprecedented extensive fraud, corruption and racketeering by:

U.S. Attorneys Office for Maryland (Baltimore) & Florida (Miami)

U. S. Attorney  for Maryland, Lynn Battaglia

  • Chief of White Collar Crimes Maryland Dale Kelberman (U.S. DOJ)
  • Maryland Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr.
  • Karen Moore, United States Bankruptcy Trustee Program (Maryland)
  • ,
  • Maryland State Police, David B. Mitchell,
  • Maryland State Judiciary
  • Maryland/Florida law enforcement agencies and their known ties to organized crime in Maryland and Florida.

Gilbert Sapperstein Indicted *

"Godfather "

of Maryland's Jewish Mafia

Charged with $3 million theft in scheme to steal millions from Baltimore School Systems*

Sapperstein also charged with stealing $130,000

from Baltimore City Dept. in alleged bribery scheme from '91 to '03.

Current News articles about Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein

Sapperstein Plea May 2005!

Hot Contracts   Jan. 26, 2005

Sapperstein indictment article   March 19,2005

Media comment on Sapperstein Indictment March 23, 2005

Walls Come Tumbling Down June 7, 2000

Gilbert Sapperstein the Godfather of Maryland's Jewish Mafia and his son Mark Sapperstein, are the two most powerful, politically well connected organized crime syndicate figures in Maryland & Florida.

Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein's crime syndicate power flows directly from his close personal ties to Maryland Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr.

* The Maryland State Prosecutor is conducting the investigation and bringing the indictments against Gilbert Sapperstein

read the MD. State Prosecutors report June 18, 1997, concerning son Mark Sapperstein and his cronies Jay Winer and Charles Delevan

in an alleged scheme using the Anne Arundel Economic Development Council to steal Jane & George Chamberlain (Linktel)

potentially valuable business (this is a variation of the scheme used by the Sapperstein's to steal Stone's valuable patent & intellectual property)


 Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein crime syndicate associate Charles R. Longo Indicted 45 counts of Grand Theft early 90's

Longo indictment.pdf

Gilbert & Mark Sapperstein crime syndicate associate Charles R. Longo was indicted on 45 counts of grand theft in Virginia, considered a flight risk Longo was arrested and held in jail in Maryland for 10 days without bail. Eventually Longo got the charges dropped and had the records expunged.

 Gilbert & Mark's crime syndicate associate, Charles R. Longo, (with the help of Gilbert & Mark) had successfully defrauded the U.S. Dept. of Education out of $8 million in student loans involving 2000 documented victims in Maryland & Virginia in the late 1980's thru 2005.

100 page document (view this PDF file) describing criminal activities of Sapperstein crime syndicate associate Charles R. Longo and Bruff J. Procter filed by MD. AG. Curran and his Assistant William F. Howard 1994.

Mark & Gilbert Sapperstein never met a federal, state, or local tax dollar they couldn't steal with the help of their close personal acquaintances and political cronies, Joseph Curran Jr. & Lynn Battaglia or a Maryland State judge they couldn't bribe or influence.

Federal Racketeering Charges brought by Stone against Sapperstein's organized crime syndicate & alleged associates in 1998

Racketeering (RICO) lawsuits filed against Battaglia, Kelberman, and Curran Jr.West  Palm Beach Feb. 17,1998

Racketeering (RICO) lawsuit filed against Battaglia, Kelberman, and Curran Jr. Baltimore, MD. Oct. 30,1998

    " The Impenetrable Wall of Corruption "
                  The criminal activities described at this site have been conducted with the 100% approval , knowledge & protection of the following U. S. Dept. of Justice agencies, directors, and employees:

Janet Reno      U.S. Attorney

Louis Freeh     Director of FBI

U.S. Dept. of Education/Office of Inspector General

U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Program

FBI Florida/Maryland

1986 thru 2005

      More Maryland Corruption !!!!!!

Read more about U.S. DOJ and FBI corruption in Maryland and the recent brutal murder of  Assistant U.S. Attorney, Jonathan Luna at


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